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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new stockist, fav cider and revisiting the best cake ever

The Bleeding Heart Gallery is now stocking my cards. They are in the middles of revamping the retail area, and when its ready - maybe next week there will be all sorts of lovely handmade wonders to buy. I took this shot of their a-frame sign when I popped in the other day. I love the little sketch. Looks like something you would see all over Melbourne, but seeing it in Brisbane was too nice. I had one of these toasties with a flat white - delicious. The dining space is lovely too - Im not sure if its the high ceilings, the white walls, or the sereneness, and the wonder that this could be in Brisbane (the city, not West End, or the Valley or Paddington).
Third fella from the left. My new drink. But its not stocked at my local. So let me know if its at yours so I can organise a drive by. Thanks.
I am doing a lot of wedding daydreaming and a little bit of planning. I'm so keen to have the yoghurt cake from Cafe Bouquiniste as our wedding cake. The bear wants some conglomeration which involves layers of cookie dough and jam in a chocolate marble cake. Maybe we will get two tiers?

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  1. mm Monteiths.

    For us inner city people, Nectar on Boundary Rd in West End stocks it or it is a trip out to the burbs to a Dan Murphy's...