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Friday, February 26, 2010

More market prep ...

I am looking forward this week. I have finished up at the gallery now. I will be starting some new projects in community arts, but more about that later. This week I will be fancy free to work on my stock for the market. Last week I had a creative surge and put together some prep work, despite a viral thingy and a headache. The above works are getting ready for some layers of printing. I have my cute birdcage design all cut. I think I might do it in silver. I also have my lovely fox and chick design, which I am really looking forward to printing.
I had some fun doing some silly masking activities. Maybe I can do something with them, maybe not, I dont mind. It was fun just printing on the deck.
See you at the market in a weeks time!

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  1. My, you certainly have been creative - they look wonderful. Catch up at the BiDM next Saturday!