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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Famous and lazy

Hey all,

I know I have been a bit quiet on this front, that's not to say I haven't composed a million (approximately) posts in my head that haven't quite made it here.

I have also been waiting to brag about this ...
Its an interview with me on Printsy - a very rad printmaking blog featuring printers from etsy world wide!
Ah, hah ha. Check me out. I am famous!

Its funny reading over the answers that I penned out last year. Must have been having a zAny day!

In other news I am lazily preparing for the market.

You know, the its a hard life, I have Monday's off, think I will watch a movie and make a lino cut out of this sketch I did of a fantastic part ceramic bird house I saw in an antique shop in Cleveland, lazy approach.

Stand by for linocutting shots in the next post.

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