from little things big things grow

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Open doors

Long time no blog. Penning this from the dentists waiting room. I have been given a lovely new laptop, and i promise not to spill wine on it. I have set up a igoogle home page which means my google reader is waiting for me every time i web. Its super easy now to while away time reading blogs. Not that it was hard before. I have caught up on what i missed over christmas. I an enjoying lurking and not posting. However there is much to tell. The bear and i got engaged! We did some travelling, including torquay, vic. And now it is back to work. I am counting down because i am finishing up at Redlands and moving into some freelance projects. So much to tell. Pics: christmas chick, hot rod bear, lil, doors.


  1. Yay for getting engaged and for new work adventures in 2010!
    Look forward to catching up soon.

  2. Oh wow! What an exciting start to the year!!Many congrats on your engagement!!!

  3. thanks everyone. it is/was really exciting xx