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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Massive cuts

I usually allow around a week for making larger linocuts. Actually, now that I write that I realise I haven't done that many big ones. I've done a a lot of large woodcuts, but with lino it's all about learning. To encourage the development of skills I've done a series using text, and am feeling a lot more confident with that now.

The current challenge is to do some of my crazy ideas and use them as tutorials for improvement. So I thought I would share the process of my latest linocut, because I did all of this in one night! Granted I am still up at 1am watching trash on telly.
I had the ibis sketch already, and I had done the scrub turkey one the other night - inspired by a post on the BrisStyle eco totes competition (thank you). I printed out a few versions of the scanned sketches, and cut and taped until I was happy with the postures.
Then I scanned again and tidied them up. This is a new technique for me. I love seeing the design on the screen, as it gives a detached feel, and helps me to assess things. I decided I wanted the two birds to interact. A coat of arms incorporating the birds with latin text was the solution.
Here is the sketch and the image transferred onto the lino.
And you can see here the start of the carving.

Over the course of the last month I have carved mostly silk cut, which is pretty crumbly and sensitive. And then I did a stint with marmoleum, which required muscles, but at least wasn't crumbly, and provided some nice linework. So using the vinyl lino felt really slippery and too easy!
Three hours later ... the finished carving.
Truthfully, this shot was taken a bit earlier - I wanted to leave some suprises for the next post.

Why the rush? - I'm off to the studio in the morning. I have a pile of linocuts ready to take.
Just time for evening sleep, and then up and off. This lot I cant wait to print.

Stay tuned for a post with the results!


  1. My goodness - what a process. I had no idea there were different kinds of lino, so my education is improved. Now I will have to wait until your next tutorial to learn more, you tease!

  2. You're just epitomising Brisbane! What does the latin say?

  3. Love your design Sally, it's very cool!

    Hey, is that some sort of fancy-shmancy lino cutting table thingy?? It's fantastic with that little ledge....if I had one of those I might not have so many scars all over my fingers :)

    Can't wait to see this one printed up!!


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