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Sunday, November 22, 2009

loving the ibis stamp

Its been a fine weekend of drinking cider, napping, reading blogs and stamping cards

I love my ibis stamp - courtesy of swift stamps
These guys are seriously great - quick on the turnaround, and very keen to provide what I wanted! I am already planning my next stamps.
Here is a nice close up so you can admire the linework too.
Look familiar? Its from my sketch for the tote competition.

I have posted more images from my market prep on my facebook page

We are putting up the Christmas decos tonight. And I have made thai salmon patties - using fresh salmon.


  1. your ibis are very cool. what an awesome stamp

  2. You must be so happy with the stamp - I love the design.

    Christmas decorations??? What are you trying to do to me???

  3. It is very nice. I want to ask a question for it. Is it from pen that uses ink pot and a pen nidle if of wood only. You got to draw through it you can draw as in ancient pictures shown...???

    r4 dsi