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Saturday, October 17, 2009

reaching goals

Remember this post?
Well I have sat down for less than an hour and made a big effort with my goals.
Various peeps provided me with formulae for working out prices. (thank you peeps)

I used this one: a + b + c = cost price
a = cost of goods and base materials
b = time
c = which ever is lowest

I did up a spreadsheet, with a sheet for each of my products (well four of them).
Then I put all the ingrediants in one column, and the costs per units in another.
So now I have cost prices.

They are not that far off the prices I have been using ... which is good because I had based these on prices I have seen around the traps.

Next station is commission for retail ...

How are others going with their goals?


  1. don't ask me either :( I was really hoping to have bought a camera by now but funds won't permit just yet! I'm working on it though! promise x

  2. I'm pretty sure I am close to achieving mine - you know what that means... another workshop?? Maybe next year?