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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Street party and first summer sunburn

Coconut ice baby... and dehydration headache ... and maybe feeling a bit better ... all that fresh air.

Fantastic atmosphere, as always at the Brisbane Festival Racecourse Road Street Party, and even Fraser was having a great time. But really, when you have markets and music then we are both pleased.

Busy street ...
Dub Doubt. Funk jazz heroes. Cool enough to dance to.

Oooh, and there was a BrisStyle invasion. How fantastic to see a whole strip of handmade goodies. Delicious. Am I naughty for thinking about Christmas already?
I was able to pick up a few orders. Here is my new ace handbag by Megan of Nosovich. How perfectly me! I cant believe I had to convince her that I like it. This is my favourite side with the spider and the bee as well as the birds!
So this is a sample, but she will be making some now, as I convinced her that despite her having the most beautiful range ... some of us just have to be able to loop our bags over our shoulders ...
And here is my drapey, fanciful scarf from Sandrine. Its a custom order. I can wear it to fancy up any outfit, and its made from felted cotton scrim, so nice and cool for this climate.
several blocks of street party... numerous snow cone stands and average food stands. Oh, but the hungarian donuts did lift the spirits.

now that I am home and burnt on the nose and shoulders I am looking forward to a lazy evening. I have started back on my lino cuts, so some pics soon.


  1. Great post Sally. Glad you had a great time yesterday and I hope the sunburn isn't too painful today!! Thanks for buying my bag and the positive feedback! Megan

  2. What a great reflection of that secial day yesterday, was nice to see you!Sally the photo you posted about your lovely scarve is STUNNING, you really know out to reflect its flowing cuteness...!I hope you have lots of fancyful and happy moments wearing it:)Sandrine x

  3. Sandrine, makes the most beautiful scarves, and that handbag is stunning.