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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catching up ...

Turns out I have walking pneumonia, not bronchitis, which sounds more impressive, but really just means more days off and a different bout of antibiotics.

If you are still wondering whether I ever got to Ekka ... well the post is over here ...

I have a had a bit of time to think about my arts practice during the sporadic days off. I have named my goals in more detail, and I want to get back into posting about projects I am working on.

Seems I have mostly been doing workshops or consults of late. The next workshop I am doing is at the Growing Your Arts Symposium in Bundy.

I will be talking about the importance of a web presence. Its only an hour, so I'm having trouble limiting what I talk about during this time. I am pretty excited about the activity I am going to do at the start ... the icebreaker. I am going to get the peeps to make a sticker avatar! The reasoning behind this is to get people to think about how they present themselves online and are they comfortable with it. I have a pet hate for emails that start with something like 'sexxygirl85', well only when they are presented as business emails. If its your personal email thats totally fine. Sort of.

Those who have been to a workshop with me recently, will probably be able to guess what I will talk about in the workshop - thats right, business plans! If you know your bigger picture you can figure out the smaller steps. So lets say you want to be a self supporting artist represented by a gallery, how you choose to put yourself on the web will be pretty different to someone who wants to be a commercial artist. Want more? Come to the symposium.

The most interesting thing I have discovered in researching for this - web sites set up for mobile phone browsers!

Too much words - sorry.

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  1. I hope you are on your way to recovery now?Take carex