from little things big things grow

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had my birthday yesterday. Of course today has been horrible after the high of yesterday bliss. Therefore i will revisit some highlights for my own personal joy and you can piggy back. Buttercream and two types of birthday cake! New fluffy hotel towels. Necklace w ass pendant. Literally the word ass. Teeshirt weather. Coffee machine-omg. Gallery troupe. Early morning ikea. I think i have arrived at my 30s w class!

Blog script 6.07pm
Ebelskivers at the organic market
Visiting chickens!
And the promise of presents in the mail.


  1. Happy Birthday Sal, sounds like you had a wonderful day xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday! Keep celebrating :)

  3. First visit to your blog - and a late happy birthday! I've been making those yummy muffins in the Homemade - Handmade Helps cookbook (I'm practising -- can't go wrong with chocolate, right?) and I thought -- must say thanks for the recipe.

    Thanks! (she says with chocolate on her paws)

  4. happy birthday Sal!! welcome to the 30's! I'll be joining you there myself next month!
    C xox