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Monday, August 3, 2009

Business tips - goals

Its taken me a little while to get my breath back after July - what an amzng month!
A couple of posts ago I mentioned the Business tips workshop I was running with the BrisStylettes. It was very lovely, possibly even successful?

I was really thrilled when others put up their hands to run ones from their own area of expertise.

As a finishing point to the workshop I set a challenge ... to name your short term goals, if you were feeling bold to pop them on your blog, and then to check in at 6 months time, and then again in 12 months.

So, here are my short term goals:
Work out formula for pricing
Apply to my etsy products
Use this at the next market

They are pretty much all around the one thing, so that will be good.

You know the biggest thing I got out of the session I ran?
To make things simpler for myself!
I simply say yes to too many things.
Now I am reminding myself to say no, to focus on less, to allow more time when setting self imposed deadlines.

For more posts on the workshop you can look here ...

Oh, and let me know what your goals are ... we can cheer each other on!


  1. I'm so sorry I missed the workshop. Maybe you could run another one some time in October when life will finally get back to normal for me.

  2. I can definetely put some though on making things simpler for myself too :)All the best for your short term challenge :)

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  4. Hi hon ~ check out this great post from design sponge ~ it's written for artists in order to calculate a rate for their work. I found it HUGELY helpful! C xx