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Saturday, July 4, 2009

this little piglet went to bed

after an amazing market debut I put myself to bed for a record sleeping-beauty sleep.
Being on the other side of the market (ie behind a stall) is eye-opening. I loved people-watching,
 sorry dudes, yes I was staring at you! I saw amazing hairstyles, gorgeous babies in slings, and good-natured tag-along husbands.

Here I am enxiously checking the time. Below are some shots of my stand taken by my lovely bear as we all were setting up. 

So lucky to be next to clever Hayley on one side, and the lovely Ali on the other. Im sure that they know I am totally insane now.
Excited grins above and below more anxious faces ...
I really learnt a lot about my customers, and what preferences they have for designs, etc. I have filled my etsy store up again, hoping for a following there ... and am thinking about some new designs. Owls are so popular - they completely sold out.

And with the profits I did some happy shopping. A beautiful print from Red Seed Studio (which I had the perfect frame for), 
a petite ring (which I haven't taken off yet),

 a sunny boy bag - everyone was buying these, 

and a very rad bib

Oh, and I have launched my website. It's really pretty, thanks to Mel. If you need a website, or any graphic design super assistance, she is your gal. Grab her email from my site.


  1. Hi Sally was really nice to finaly meet you in real life!;)
    Nice to hear that you are launching your website!!Will have a visit now;)

  2. Hi Sally, it was great to meet you! Hope you're loving your Sunnyboy bag :)


  3. Hi Sally! Great to meet you, and so glad you are loving your ring!

    Jess :)

  4. It was good to meet up with you again at the market, Sally, and I'm just as excited as you about the day. I'm not surprised your owls flew the coop - they are delightful.

  5. How good was it?! I too was absolutely knackered and realised at 4pm when we were driving home that I had not eaten since breakfast. It explained the shakes - I was running on pure adrenaline and coffee. Am off this week to find a frame for my poppies print. :-)