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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this little piglet got ready to go to the market

but left it way too late ... and spent the last few days in a tizz (but made time for a snazzy haircut)
dog on a stick, and I like to think of myself as organised.
here are some peeks of the new products that I will be toting at the market - considering a productive Thurday pm
hope you love them!

ok, I know I have posted these dudes before, but I have done a whole new edition of them, in various sizes, and some may even be framed!
owls now come as cards! (a shot of the sweat shop - see previous post on my residency)
and woohoo, the start of a crazy new series of prints: 'school project' ...
envelopes made from maps with lino prints of the state flora emblem of the very map you are sticking a letter into! wow ..  copyrite on these is totally mine ... so dont steal(just buy)
and these pretties are spin offs from the iron lace prints

get down to the good market little good pigs

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