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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

news from the former resident

I really wanted to show you the pics from the Bundy residence.
I tried to get my phone linked up so I could mobile blog, and have gotten half way through that process. So maybe I can send some from the market this Saturday ...
Anyway, belatedly here they are ...

Foody scenes from the two delicious cafes in Bundy - rosieblue and funky food.

Cant go past retro architecture and typefaces!
The artists studio ... very well lit with thanks to the sun ...
and some of the work that resulted ...

very happy about this ...


  1. amazing work! what a satisfying rack you filled. rad experience, love seeing the snaps of the cafes and studio (especially the one with the sign shadow transferred onto wall)


  2. Love the shot of the lino cut, its great to be able to see what goes into the making the final product.