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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sunrise/sunset week

It feels like it has been two weeks of seeing the sun rise on the way to work, and watching it set on the way home. As beautiful as this is, (and with all the ace new music on JJJ at the moment, it really is pretty good) it just means no time outside of work that isn't in a truck.Except for on the weekends; and even then its fitting in too-big-for-your-boots breakfast with my bear before he rushes back to work, or I head off for a weekend shift.

But, guess what. 
I'm back on the road again as of Thursday. Heading up to Bundy to snuggle in at the artist residency and make some prints (in preparation for the BrisStyle Indie Markets), and then destall my beautiful exhibition.

And also, in the midst of all this, melly is making me a website

Cowboy yelps!

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