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Monday, June 8, 2009

Solo exhibition!!! YAY

Here I am hurriedy finishing off the wall hanging from the lino-cut I posted last time in panic.
The cut outs are to imitate the trim on the tin alcoves over windows on the old cane-cutters houses. Of course, this piece ended up being the favourite.
Shot of the beautiful white walls and laying out the prints for the hang.

First wall hung!
They looked very striking!
An embossed print, lit up from the natural light streaming in from the adjacent window.
I put the woodcuts on display too. I like an exhibition with lots of clues to how the art was made.
One of the three wall hangings. I did two like the one above and hung them either side of an entrace way to imitate the balusters used in iron lace decoration.
A gallery shot. The white part is a suite of blind prints. You can see them in person - honest! I also put little vinyl decals on the tiny windows.
All dressed up for the opening/floor talk. This is the finished piece - 'Sugar cane view'. Came up alright - what do you think?


  1. Congratulations Sally - it looks fantastic!

  2. Sally, how long is the exhibition up for??

  3. Thanks ladies - so nice to post up the photos
    The exhibition is on until 28 June

  4. These look great - so much work and detail! Great post - thanks for this. K

  5. OMG stunning!!! I love decals and the embossing. HUGE Congrats Sal xox


  6. What sensational work. It looks great in the gallery. Well done!