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Sunday, May 3, 2009

mega craft

I went (even though I hate being independent on the weekend), on my scooter, grabbed a great free all-day park, got my ticket early, ran down to Poppy's bakery for a chocolate croissant, and entered the coolest craft fair ever!
It was so important to plan your day ... my priority was watching Faythe Lelvine's Handmade Nation - how cool was it that it was screening there (I think the major drawcard for me- considering I dont sew). What a fucking amazing film. Wow. So inspired.  I consulted the program to find the rumoured rubber stamp making workshop by the groovey Holly of Two Cheese Please. I really loved this. My results above. More to come! And then I wanted to see the ladies fom BrisStyle - to put faces to the wares and blogs. Lovely peeps. xx Fantastic beetle earrings for me from Scampsville- cant wait to enliven up the Redlands Council offices when I wear these next week. And a Ruby 2 Go Go sabre tooth tiger for Bridie - yes this is for you Bri!!

And I tried to find spaces at the craft bars - finally there was one at a sewing one, so I made the little birdie above (I did post about him Janet!). I was even able to get some duck-billed scissors (which became fast friends with my birdie) ... which will help me to make my wall hangings - a precise way of cutting only the top layer of fabric in a fabric sandwich ...

god, and there was even art - at a craft fair - can you imagine! look at this madness. i was pissed tho that you couldn't find any attributions. Who knows who made this? and what is it called? I dont even know. Brilliant though!

Is that all? I dont know, so much was seen... I even popped into the reconstruction zone and made a cushion cover out of a school ribbon, a man shirt and some fabric remnants (and was delighted to be sitting next to a lovely lady making a fairy dress for her daughter, and then one for her self!)

oooooooooooh, when is the next Stiches and Craft Show on?


  1. sound likes you had tons of fun, I think the next one is in Sydney in August... I am definitely going!
    Oh, and thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the show, & that you found my little boat adorned stand... thanks for the nice comment. Your seagull prints are lovely.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    It was such a great show - with so many things to look at and explore. After five days (and five more in Melbourne) I still didn't get to see Handmade Nation; so I'm planning on visiting the Sydney show to have some more fun.
    I agree with you about the artworks dotted around, I too was looking for more info about them.

    I'm really keen to see more of your prints - when's your exhibition?

    -Ellie :: Red Seed Studio :: Petalplum

  4. Man if I'd known I woulda rushed over to the reconstruction zone and befriended that lady and hoped she'd make me a fairy dress too!

    It was great to have you in my stamping class and I'm so glad you enjoyed the show! My favourite bit is definitely seeing all the lovely stamps people design - I'm always blown away by everyone's creativity. I loved how yours turned out!


  5. Glad you had so much fun, those craft bars were a big hit.Thanks for popping by a saying hi. Sorry I couldn't chat.

  6. Sal what an amzing trip you had to the Show! Loving those scissors and your birdie!

    Hope that your lovin' Librarian Sis' wears her new vintage sabre tooth toy necklace with Kitsch fancyin' joy!

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement and comments on my blogerooni.


  7. Hia,
    The displays at the show are designed and made mostly by Mel from Living Creatively. I helped her with the 'frame of thought' display and even embroidered some of the light bulbs :)

  8. wow- thanks for the comments xx

    my exhibition opens on June 6th at Childers Regional Art Gallery. I think I will do up a flickr page for everyone who cant travel there to see.

    Helen my sis has just got back from a trip ... so i haven't given it to her yet. I'm sure she will post a pic on her blog tho!

    Thank you Nikkishell for firstly shedding some light on the fantastic art, and secondly congrats on making such great work!!

  9. arghhh! look at his bad self! i love it. that will def spice up the library box. cannot wait to leash him on my neck. thank you ever so much.

    i'm so mad i missed the melbs stitches. love your work on the craft tables, pretty birdy and stamps. the reconstruction zone! omg. so jealous.

    vast rewards for independent bravery.


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