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Sunday, April 19, 2009

still banging on about easter

I have two fabuloso sisters
My older sister made me these felted eggs for easter
my baby sis gave the me green yak doll to the left of them
Both are rather creative beings, not unlike myself.

When we were quite little my big sister would make marble cake, andas we were eating the mixture she would say the chocolate was for her (brunette) the strawberry for baby sis (ginger) and the vanilla for me (blondie). The moment really encapsulates how I have always categories us by difference. I - the artist, Corey - the sport freak, Bridie - the clever one; or me the fat one, Bri the skinny one, Corey the tall one, or even, me with the great hair, Bri with the great legs and Corey with the great rack! It goes on, and I guess, it was all an effort to discover who I was and how I stood apart from my two sisters. Identity is a topic that I have spend a lot of concetration on. But when it comes to craft we are all pretty damn ace ...

How about that for some disclosure??

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