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Monday, April 13, 2009

printing at the studio

... the exhibition is getting close, and I'm really thrilled about being on top of my preparation.
With the prints done, I can focus on the wall hangings for a while. I also want to work on some vinyl decals for the little cute windows that pop up along one of the walls in the gallery. But more about that later.

The idea for the hanging of the prints is to place them close together (unframed) to maybe create an idea of wall paper. This will go on one wall, and wrap around a corner onto another wall. And then the little windows (portholes??!) appear, so I will use this break to introduce the embossed versions of the prints (printing without ink), and carry on with the "wall papering" ...

A (dodgy) bit of photoshop showed me what is possible, but I did crop them, and the prints have white space around the designs.... trying to work out another way to print so the tesselating, as seen below, is going on. 

Will probably do this in a wall hanging ... stay tuned


  1. These are gorgeous! You are so very clever!

  2. Ooh, how exciting! Looking great Sal! Thanks for your comments on my blog. You rock! I can always rely on you for some spunky feedback!
    C xx

  3. Hiya Sally, you're very welcome, hope you liked it. :)
    What a coincidence re: your sister being my swapette! & I couldn't comment here & say so before on account of it ruining the great air of mystery, but your prints are gorgeous. You have a lovely weekend too! xx

  4. I love this design.

    Those printing racks bring back childhood memories. My Dad was a screen printer and I was his little apprentice. I remember many hot sunday afternoons stacking his prints.