from little things big things grow

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my mummy

mum came round for brunch today
pretty cool, huh?
remember when I hated mum so much I wouldn't even talk to her, and referred to her as 'parent'? those were bad times ... 
(I was a badass)

but now we hang
like gangstas
not really
I took her to see Tangled Yarns
she loved it
(I bloody knew she would)
we chatted Kellie's ear off, and hyped up her happy daughter Jade, and swooned over baby Abbey
and then we indulged at Poppy Cakes
I had to share this with mum!
I look a bit sleepy! I am wearing my stick it to the man top the bear got me from Radelaide.And this is lovely Mumsy. I bought her those earrings from Liana Kabel. She loves them.
Good silver stems apparently.

Also, FYI we chose Red Velvet and Passionfruit tasty cakes.


  1. Holy dooly, how much so you and your Mum look alike!
    was great seein ya @ the Art Shed the other day! xx

  2. yeah I know - we are twins!
    wish my hair would go white like hers - soon.

    was cool to see you! hope the mentoring is going well!