from little things big things grow

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my creative workspace ...

is actually the loungeroom, which is actually the only 'living space' in the tiny shoebox
behind the couch is the desk with the computer and behind that the kitchen
which are also used as workspaces .. depends if I am cooking or doing some desktop bits
but the best place for me to make artwork when Im at home is the floor in front of the telly

I can sit on the couch and carve lino while it rests on the bar stool
or I can sit on the floor and ink up and print
the storage containers on the left serve as drying racks
as you can see ....


  1. What a wonderful workplace, Sally, but there is still room to walk on the floor, which is a bit of a disappointment, but a great effort, nonetheless.

  2. This looks rather familiar.. I often find myself working in all corners of my home also!

  3. Love it! That's real life right there - all the fancy spaces can get stuffed. I keep meaning to take a picture of the Georgie creative space, but really I am looking at it now... and for some things perhaps it's not best to peek behind the red curtain? Argh. I think the photos would shame me into tidying. Maybe it would be good to out myself... we'll see! ;-)

  4. Very creative use of space here...and you can watch tv at the same time...but where is the food...whenever i look at your blog there seems to be yummy food about...

  5. I'm glad you all like it.
    Ive been printing some lino boats tonight onto some paper bag scraps.

    Robyn - only enough space for sitting really. I feel like it is a competition now!

    Alarna - the shots I've seen of your home always look so tidy - and inspiring as work spaces!

    Sal - I want to see your space! (but only if you promise not to tidy it after)

    Chrisy - food on the next post, and probably the next one too. I have peered over that shot and am surprised not to find even a cup of joe anywhere. Maybe its tucked safely under the couch?