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Sunday, March 8, 2009

just like art school

I'm on a creative roll and it's just like that
the good stuff anyway

... so here are the final paintings a layer or so on from where you last saw them. I am chuffed to say the least. Approx 5cm2
tiny little friends
and good studies for some bigger versions
I loved this method - strong results, don't you think?
I gessoed, then put on some stickers that I cut into the shape of ripples
then rolled over a layer of oil paint
waited ever so patiently for this to dry
Ok I did peak on one and removed the stickers, but then I realised that would ruin everything!
Then I stuck on some new stickers - the outlines of ripples, and rolled the same blue on again
I had to really force it to go down the gaps as the block was no longer level
I love how it looks like a stencil

And a new project, which is a sideline to the SOLO EXHIBITION preparation

I've been thinking about my materials still (let's go eco), so I picked up some lino floor tiles from Reverse Garbage to see how they would carve up, and results are in ... pretty nice, once I got the hang of having no back to prevent me from cutting through
and here are some pics

oh and another thing, I really do love my followers- thank you for showing up and leaving sweet comments, and just regularly reading. Thank you!

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