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Sunday, March 15, 2009

cookie plate and extrovert pants

I have a new cookie plate.
I didn't know it's purpose until the batch of Marcus Neimans came out of the oven
But when I saw it on the marked down table at an op shop I knew it was waiting for me.
Isn't it perfect?

However I do not own any extrovert pants. But I could have done with them in the last week. I think I spoke to more people in a meaningful way than I did in the last year. Horrific for me, being as introverted as a turtle.

I have being doing some training with Youth Arts QLD, to be a trainer at their travelling Navigation program. This has involved some serious workshops, involving talking, games (can you imagine), and even role play! god almighty

But its amazing what a turtle can do when it puts its mind to it
And the thing is, as scary as people are, they are also lovely. I walk away from these workshops invigorated, and chanting 'collaborative process - wow!"
And then I come home and make things ... such as cookies, and new prints

And to top it off I went to a BrisStyle meeting today. And my beloved Nicole wasn't even there. Im not sure how to let you know how scary this was for me, aside from telling you my boyf calls me the nervous poss! But I went, I didn't allow myself to pretend I was sick, or busy; I even gave up a facepainting shift. And I went, and I chatted, and I met lovely people, and participated in the gift swap (and the force of creativity made sure I got a pressie that I had been coveting badly). I even gave away some prints I had made. I did love it! (and will post about it again soon) And I came home energised and re-potted my frangipani, and prepared some bulbs for spring ... and then collapsed into bed - I heard that the definition of introvert and extrovert is the amount of energy you get or lose from interacting with people. 

So, I'm a bit chatty today.

Have put a new print on my etsy if you are keen ....



  1. That plate absolutely was made for cookies.
    I'm pleased I wasn't the only one terrified about BrisStyle meeting for first time. I'm terrible with large groups of new people.
    But *sigh* everyone was so lovely and I had SO much fun.