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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BrisStyle bliss


I've got about five minutes to do this post before I collapse! I forgot how exhausting fulltime work is.  psst, want some art supplies? the art shed is the place(gratuitous work plug over)

Ok but the main point for the post is to BRAG about my lovely new BRISBANE BABUSHKA
look at her
she is too lovely
I popped her in a frame to prevent her from doing any more shopping (we are in an almost-recession after all)
Thank you Sharlene
Do have a look at this cheeky lady's blog and etsy store. Imagine ... still playing with dolls at our age!

And this is Melange Cafe of Roma St Parklands, the lovely hostess of the BrisStyle meet, and 1st birthday bash. Oh, what to write about this event... its too hard ... check out the BrisStyle blog for a fun lowdown on this gig, and I rather like Robyn's version too

This is all a bit of a muddle. But at the gig we did a pressie swap. Which is how I scored Brisbane Babushka. And I made some special owl stationary ... which is being cared for in a very decent manner by lovely Helen - who has done some amazing pics of these here

time to collapse
good luck decoding this one

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