from little things big things grow

Friday, March 20, 2009

big brave dog ... and coffees

I set a big scary goal on Monday
to contact ten potential stockists about selling my gift cards
and I did it
and two got back to me immediately
I haven't quite managed to get on top of one of them, but I sorted myself out enough to get to the second one and show off my stuff
and it was accepted
and money paid up front
and offered an exhibition


to chuff me through this experience I partook in coffee at a cute pokey cafe, with the BEST service ever and a delightful flat white - right next door to the stockist

this is me making last minute preps
So, you can go and purchase yourself an original handmade embossed card at Hanasho (flowers and art) in West End

lovely chaps
and tomorrow I shall post about how I spent my hard earned cashola!!


  1. Congratulations Sally, that's great! Hanasho is such a fantastic outlet for your beautiful cards.

  2. thank you Nic - I wouldn't have done it without your urgings!
    so glad to have finally made a step in this direction