from little things big things grow

Sunday, March 22, 2009

beyond 9-5

Ok, so I have taken a fulltime job
and I wasn't sure how I would go
I mean I've been going full time on my art and to give that up - would I ever do any again???
I expected to be coming home exhausted ... at least for a week
but I guess working in art supplies is somewhat inspiring
there are good things about work ...
and even working on the weekend ...
such as getting up a bit earlier to go via a market and grab brekky there (West End Green Fea on Saturday - chocolate croissant & coffee; Northey St on Sunday - sourdough tiny pancakes with vanilla custard centres)
highlight of the market this morning ...

yes that does say 'praking'


although my latest blog find was even more inspiring -woodblock dreams, with a post on some colour editions
so I came home and did this:

"The Owl, the Poss and the Pea-hen"
(this is the best registration out of an edition of ten
its laughable really
a typical painter meets printmaking mistake - no pre-planning)

and finally a peek at the carving process - oh, yeah ... lino!


  1. dog praking!
    what a treat. and also that cupcake looks a bit special. a worthy reward for big brave self-pr work.

    i love the owl the poss and the pea-hen. pea-hen! pea-hen! a good name for a dog.

    my word verification word: flailo.