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Monday, March 2, 2009

babysitting and the country's capital

National Museum of Australia. Wow. What an amazing building. Perhaps even more fascinating architecture than Fed square. Had a look at the exhibition Recoil ... contemporary fibre techniques of Indigenous Aussies. Ooh, I did love the basket that incorporated fairy lights in the weave. I really wanted to switch that on!

Another cultural institute, Koko Black. Hot chocolate made with cream.

Oooh fresh bruschetta made from the garden. The tomatoes were still warm from the hot sun! Yum. Made me crave a garden of my own.

And here, the two angels, complete with cookie stained mouths and showing off the wayward pumpkin that climbed a tree to get more sunlight.


  1. fairy lights! beautiful idea. the weaving reminds me of the one we saw down near fruit world, what gallery was that again? with the crazy rain and the stone sheep...

    i am in love with the bruschetta and especially the wayward pumpkin. such pretty pictures, thank you!

  2. Now I'm hungry and wanna go to Melbourne!!!!!! See what your delicious posts do to me?
    C xx

  3. Great pics! Canberra's certainly coming of age with their art scene...tho my favorite place is always the Hyatt for afternoon tea...feel as if you're stepping back in time...

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