from little things big things grow

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trial and error - a day at the studio

Now you can compare the solid black silhouette styles with the handprinted sketchy styles over here and tell me what you think ...

I've put a line between the two sets of pairs they will (said excitedly) tesselate. I am planning to do a wall each in the exhibition of printed ones and embosssed ones to mimic wall paper.

lessons I learnt:
  1. Hammermule paper is very absorbant, therefore it doesn't need the tension on too tight, and might be best for blind prints.
  2. Lino doesn't really love hot days, it sort of melts, or rather goes very rubbery.
  3. MDF also is very absorbant. I must figure out how to seal it.
  4. The vinyl I used doesn't hold the ink permanently. It scratches off. Must also seal this or else find another vinyl ...
  5. I love the big press x x
  6. How to tape the woodcuts to my scooter.


  1. Yup, I like the solid lines. You can still see the mark of your hand in the noise in the background -- it still looks handmade -- but all nice and solid. Just my twenty cents worth! :)

  2. Not only am I impressed with your art, but with your ability to whizz around on your scooter with the woodcut strapped on!