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Monday, February 9, 2009

the how to of woodcuts

hello- I'm back already

I saw a lovely woodcutter's blog today, and was particularly enamoured with how she shared steps from the process. Want to see? - find Amy here. I fancied I might do the same ...

1. making a design
this one was different in that I wanted to try out the pattern making trick, which I picked up from a Julia Rothman tutorial on Design Sponge (over here) 2. transfer design to woodblock
I'm using Huon Pine - yay, and ballpoint pen to transfer
I used the rubbing tranfers technique (draw your design, turn over, rub pencil all over the back, flip over again, place pencil side down onto surface for transfer, draw over pattern again, voila!)
3. Pick a nice 'v' shape tool to go around design, thinking carefully about negative and positive space. I chose to make my shapes into positive space (printing black), so I had to cut around them
4. Use a range of tools to get rid of the excess wood. I have found sitting my block into a tray of some sort helps to contain all the offcuts (best for when cutting out in front of Home and Away)
Ready for printing ....

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