from little things big things grow

Monday, February 9, 2009

on a printerly roll

Hello again friends
I've been so happy printing away, and just getting more ideas for more prints
I turned the lounge room into a temporary studio for a woodcut I just couldn't wait any longer to see.
Here are some shots ...

A pile of prints build up.... I carved this design out of a delicious smelling block of huon pine.
And you can see another experiment I did with a small piece of polysterene. The result is a bit like a photocopy!
So, the print ... and what happens when you tesselate ...
I'm hoping to get this last lot framed up to sell on etsy. But I think I might print more because I want to, and because I used an etching ink which I haven't touch for a while. I've been used a water-based woodblock ink and really love it. The etching ink seems to come off and leaves traces everywhere. I don't like this nasty side of it, and it's toxic.

I'll do another post soon, I was out at the studio today and need to show you the things I did there!


  1. Thanks for the cool site! I'm a printmaker in the U.S. Always cool to see another woodcutter out there! Cheers!

  2. My, this is so clever. I love the tesselated image and hope you continue with more of this beautiful work.