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Monday, February 2, 2009

keep this night free

my sister modelling some Hot Toffee Hanafuda
February the 11th

so you can see Nicole Lacey of Hot Toffee in another exhibition - yay for her
she is one of my sweetest dearest friends, and you probably know her too, because she is so friendly!
I don't think she has even posted this properly on her blog, so I am doing some marketing for her.
its even called MOD SQUAD - doesn't that make you want to go more...
and she is exhibiting next to wondrous designers such as Barbara Heath and Ari Athans!!

go here for details

RSVP ... (07) 3412 5519 by Friday 6 February


  1. i'm totally famous. rad.

    i love those earrings! i don't think i own anything else that gets so many compliments. yay hot toffee! wish i could go...

  2. we love her too! and i think the nices t part about her is that she not in your face and completely approachable and ever so friendly!