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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inspiration and travel

My lovely friend Bianca invited myself and the bear up for the relaunch of the Bundaberg arts centre. Look at it - it's now a Regional Art Gallery! And its purple - based on a Florence Broadhurst design, who was, broadly speaking, from the area. It's a delicious gallery, and you can feel how exciting it is for the region in the atmosphere there.

Childers is a 40 min drive from Bundy - on the way there from Brissy. So I got to look over Childers and its delightful gallery on the way home. It was such a devine way to spend the weekend. I was so inpired and took lots of photos, getting ready for my solo show there in June. I've edited them into montages for your easy viewing, dear reader, except for two.This building is the historic Backpacker's at Childer's which was horribly burnt down and several lost their lives. It has been transformed into an information centre, a gallery and a memorial to the lost. It is really a beautiful space, and serves all three purposes excellently.

This is my exciting montage of all the iron lace and historic buildings. Its a bit sad because you can see the lovely tops, and then you look down to the shop front and most of them are modern hideous conveniences such as $2 shops and subway. So I focussed on shooting the beauty.My fave shot above

Happy days peeps!


  1. Wow...that gallery looks fabulous! Who'd have thought!

  2. What a wonderful gallery, and your shots of Childers are really lovely.