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Thursday, February 12, 2009

DIY freebie for the day of love

In a previous life I did some desktop publishing, and became a dorky fan of Corel Draw (dont laugh). I still like to play around on there and create.

For your benefit I have created 'Geckos in love', a transfer to make some sweet matching pillows for you and your fabulous other (even if that's a cat) ...

So, if you want one follow along
  1. Hover your curser over the above image and right click so you can save it somewhere on your computer
  2. Now open the jpeg
  3. The design is for a 4" x 6" transfer. You can get these from office works in a pack of ten.
  4. Set up your printer for the 4 x 6 inch option of paper size, and t-shirt transfer paper type.
  5. Check your print preview panel to see if you need to make any adjustments - you dont want to cut off a limb ...
  6. Print away (do two)
  7. When the ink is dry (instantly - great), cut around the little fellas, and put them aside
  8. Set up your iron and your ironing board
  9. Iron up the pillow cases (it's not too hard) so you have a nice flat surface
  10. Then place the first transfer on face down
  11. Iron away... now, I discovered that my iron destroys the transfer if I leave it on there as long as directed. I do a couple of dawdling swipe overs and that is enough. If you pick at the edge of the paper and it lifts from the transfer you are a-ok.
  12. So, when it is cool, pull off the paper carefully-ish
  13. Repeat on second pillow case.
Presto, a sweet crafty pressie, and still a whole night to do this!

Pop onto pillows to greet partner with suprise, supplement with mint chocolates ... maybe not in Brisbane, or Melbourne or Sydney - it will melt and ruin the cases.

Ok, and last thing, please enjoy using these freebies, but only for your personal use. Don't be a nasty pastie and sell them or pass them off as your own work. If you want to share them I would love that, especially when you give me credit and link back to here.


  1. So cute! This is such a great idea, I'd love to see more designs down the track!

  2. What a lovely idea. Geckos are the only things (apart from my husband) that I tolerate living in the house - I love them, even though I discourage them from coming too close to the computer!