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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cursing and sewing

I can cook and I can paint, but I'm drastic at sewing. Bums. I dont know why.

I have the loveliest machine, a vintage singer from my seamstress Grandmother ...
and I look after it better than my scooter
I get all nervous and stressed when I try to read patterns. This may have a lot to do with my sewing teacher from year seven (back when girls did sewing and boys did metalwork). She was scary, and straight out of the 50s, but teaching in the 90s. I got yelled at for sitting at the back of the room and talking to a boy. My friend had to scrape off her nail polish - naughty, naughty.

Strange that she was also my cooking teacher and I have no problems there. I think its because of the recipes; cooking recipes are clear, and sewing recipes presume.

What do you think?

Anyway I have persevered and come up with these little shirt pockets for my repurposed gift tags ...

They show off how many are inside, and they are very tactile (clear rubbery plastic and linen). People might even use them again.


  1. Well I think they look great...the rustic look really suits the cards..and i know what you mean about sewing...i can sew but....i always always getting a headache because i get all tensed up...

  2. There's nothing not even a scary teacher, thats as scary as a piece of unsewn fabric. It begs to be stitched. Keep up the good stitching.


  3. thank you generous ladies of loveliness ... thinking of sewing buttons on there so they look more like shirt pockets, and attaching swing tags to those ...