from little things big things grow

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remember this post? (where I was a bit excited about making Chrissy pres?... in particular notebooks with fused plastic covers ... ringing some bells?)

Well check it ...I kept this one for myself.

I'd recommend not using 60 pages. Something like 20 is better. But experiment. Experimenting is good.

Fusing the plastic is cool. Kind of exciting - like a primary school project. Some irons get a better result too. So keep experimenting.

hee, hee - yes that is Australian Idol on in the background!


  1. Happy New Year Sally!
    These look really interesting - I'd love to see one in person. Are you planning on making them to sell anywhere? Reverse garbage would probably love them in the Gallery section! Also, that new shop over in Paddington with a focus on recycling & eco friendly products.

  2. Thank Nicole - same lovely wishes to you. A new year with renewed goals!
    I think I got the idea for the notebook from a website which asks you not to sell anything you make from their DIYs. What do you think, maybe I can alter it enough and then sell them? Or else I co do a workshop and teach others how to make them for themselves ....