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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rainy market and donuts

I managed to weasel my partner to taking me to the Green Flea market at West End yesterday. The very sad thing was as we neared the market torrential Brisbane rains poured down out of the previously clear sky. I commented that this would be a good thing because only the hearty and bold would bother going now, and none of those pesky gangs of market spoilers. But actually the rain stopped when we got out of the car. We got to skip over puddles, and imagine what could be under the tarps that vendors had spread over their goods. Only one thing for it - head to the donut stand.
Hungarian donuts are light and heavy at the same time. When you bite into them you get a face full of vanilla or cinnamon sugar. You immediately want to buy another one. But dont. Like I said they are light and heavy at the same time. Unless you buy a coffee to go with it. And you want to order the coffee first (due to queues) then buy your donuts. Eat one while you wait for your coffee name to be called, then drink, and then, if you still really feel like it, eat another. You'll want to go have a lie down after this.


  1. Hi Sally,

    Happy New Year!!
    I love your blog - Finally catching up on some much needed blog reading... that donut looks divine! At least one good thing came from the rain - I imagine it would have been too hot to consume otherwise!!

  2. Thank you so very much. Reading this made my day!
    The donut was divine too.
    Glad you have some time to read, read, read. Its nice that you are back from your holidays and blogging. Whats the next market you are selling at?

  3. Hi Sally,

    Yes it is a really nice feeling to start a new year, fresh back from holidays (although it wasn't nearly long enough) I am not sure what market is coming up next, my guess would be that there will be another SB Young Designer Market coming up shortly?? Will you be planning on coming?

  4. I miss going to West End market - have you tried the chimney cakes - they are the best!

  5. fwaa... look at those donuts! They look really good...

  6. hello, all these lovely posts!
    I cant wait for the next Sb young designers ... when is it?
    As for chimney cakes ... a goal for tomorrow!!