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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

is it actually wednesday?

Facepainting will start up again this Friday, so I am loungeing around the tiny shoebox READING. I know it's everyone's new years resolution to do this, so I do feel lucky - and indulgant. I scooted off to the library at Everton Park the other day ... it's very strange that I did, knowing full well the Bookfest was rapidly approaching, but nevertheless I was adamant to treat myself to day of opping and librarying. And while it is very indulgant to be lying in front of the fan eating stone fruits and reading I dont even need to worry about not working on my woodcuts, because (and I am not as mortified as I should be to admit this) Home and Away is back on so now I have something on telly in the arvos to do my woodcuts to.

Hope you are enjoying the scraps of summer too.

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