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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inking up

Handprinting in the garage in the heat ... is:
moving ahead
... new directions

oh yeah, and a big thanks to Vanessa of Light and Shade

and I have a question for you ... if you might be so kind to click on the images of the printed results first ... ok, good, now ... do you like the texturally feel, or should I print it so its a really dense silhouette? I actually really love the way it looks like drawing, and merrily that's how I got into printing - my drawings looked like prints.
But I dont want it to look unprofessional ...
it's nice to have people to ask questions of ...


  1. I prefer the silhouette look -- though that might just be me!

  2. I am a fan of 'texturey' could you perhaps do both?

  3. thank you ladies
    very helpful, yes indeed

    morning people I take it?

    I think both
    I like the idea that you can create more in the picture using texture - even write secret messages! I'll head to the printing studio and get some silhouettes to contrast.

  4. I'm a libran so I can't decide. Had you not even given me the option, I would've said I love what you've already done. But now there's options ... argh -- such a hard decision! The 'sketchy' look is more delicate and fine-art-ish, and it showes all the little bits that wouldn't show up in a silhouette. But silhouettes re great eye catchers. If you can get it to do both, nice one!

  5. I like the textural one, I feel like it gives the image more depth. You've done a great job of them!

  6. you guys are too kind
    this feedback is so helpful
    I feel like I'm back at art school and have a critique session, yeah?!