from little things big things grow

Friday, January 23, 2009

I went to the bookfest too

I actually went twice.

I was too, too overwhelmed the first time and had to have lots of sit downs. I left with a handful of old maps to make into envelopes.

But I saw everybodies lovely postings and I decided to go back, without any pressure and with an understanding of what was in store for me. I mean, how huge is it? huge, sigh, very huge.

The first time I had the gloves and the rolly trolley. This time I parked my scooter with its panniers in the bike rack - scandalous - and took two canvas bags inside, a big bottle of water, and an open mind.

And it worked. I came home with two proud bags of purchase, and still money in my purse.

So, to share my new pretties I have done my research and come up with a montage ... complete with details and quirks worth pointing out ...

such as, top right if you can read this hilarious/serious text ... and second row- does this book bring back memories for you? ... I had such a nostalgic reaction to it ... top left and middle right is a fab hardcover handbook on printing techniques and feactures a section on children (perfect for workshops) ... and final row a lovely hard cover with design that could be by eames himself - look at the great layouts, and the handy tips- a folded piece of card will look after your chalks

Finally thank you to everyone who did such lovely posts about their trips - you really inspired me to try again ... in particular Alarna and Alischa


  1. so glad you went to bookfest! Looks like you got some beauties!!

  2. a lot of them are still on the floor, because I dont want to put them away and risk forgetting about them.
    what did you do with yours?