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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Etsy, oh etsy

As I sat down at the desktop I thought today is the day to update my etsy site with my new cards.

Three hours later I have listed two of my new cards. Not dissimilar to these ...

I'm amazed at the amount of time it takes me to list an item. Maybe its because I was also doing the dishes, and the washing, and even cleaning the oven (why???).

The above is my favourite card from the new range, 'Little Vessel with Anchor', and its also one of the two listed . They are all one offs and you can buy them here. You might want to keep checking in, as I dont imagine I'll get to post anymore today.


  1. I love this Sally! All that white space..and quite a strong contrasting image.

  2. Thanks Nicole. Your feedback is always so heartening xx