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Sunday, January 25, 2009

bookfest again - yep

I'm fast becoming a convert. Was anyone else lucky enough to go more than once?

Today I was out to lunch for my dad's 60th, and (should have known it) he made sure we popped into the bookfest for the last day, which means *SALES
so thats another 4 bags for my parents, and another one for me

because it was the sales I dared to venture into the High Quality section and browse happily
and these are the wonders I found ... montage please

Top left: Another handy printmaking guide - this is even a student text, and I've done a detail of the bit I love - how to fix mistakes! I can't get anough of the polite and lovely language in vintage texts... Top right: The Art room is a picture book of how much fun it is to go to art class ...Bottom left: a little Barbara Hanrahan publication (she is a punk-feminist printmaker), Pollyanna (may well go to my sister) ... Bottom right and inner right: oh and this lovely suprise which is written like a greeting card and is somehow a novel, and has delightful blackmail on the blurb that talks you into buying it.

its funny how the titles of the sections can be misleading. I found a lot of these in the 'rare and collectable' section, and some in the 'literature' section. what would you expect to find in those?

*I recently discovered the delight of putting words into capitals. it doesn't always have to be like shouting, sometimes it can just change the way you read the word. this is my fave example of this by the delicious Pip

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  1. I am so glad you love the Bookfest as well. This is like an artistic goldmine. I cannot believe some of the things people can bear to part with. Love the Pollyanna.