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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas butterflies in the tum

It's nearly here. everything is making me excited. especially the sign at Coles last night announcing 42 more sleeps.

This year my family is doing a green Christmas theme. All presents must be sustainable/handmade or secondhand. I am having so much fun.

Some blogs which have made this easier ...
Image: design sponge

Go on, have a look. Check out the DIY tab and set aside a good 30mins with a glass of something, to go through this wonderful resource! I-ee - where to start.

Also going to combine this notebook project with this fusing plastic bags one ... - free stationary bits eg calendars, labels; all you need to do is print them out! - if you want to learn how to felt a jumper, crochet wire or yarn, reuse yarn from sweaters found at Vinnies ... - this is really sweet ... what to do with forgotten toys, more felting, cross posts for other recycling projects, and my fave recovering canvas bags!!

Peace out Christmas lovers xx


  1. Ooh, great links! I LOVE learning new tips!! Hope to see your post of what you make for Christmas!
    (and god bless coles for reminding us bout christmas -- who will if they don't ?!)

  2. I'd love to be at your house on Christmas morning when those eco friendly presents are being unwrapped - what a great idea!
    Thanks for all those links too - they are great - the plastic bag one is especially interesting.