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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The woodcutting begins

As promised, I am documenting my progress with the artworks that will feature in my solo exhibition in FNQ next year.

I have begun cutting away at my first rather large wood cut.

You can see here I am even using protective equipment (lined gloves) and my fancy new cutting tool - with interchangeable blades.

This wood cut is 45 x 30 cm. I've adapted the design from some iron lace to fit this shape. The way that the lines run off the edges will allow me to tesselate this with more of the same prints, or even slightly different ones.

I have found that this cheap and nasty (although improved recipe+ better for the environment) mdf is not giving me the crispt cutting lines I like. Its a bit floury. I'll have to go back in with a tiny V blade and tidy up!

Bit of an ardous job, but thanks to daytime B grade movies I'm flying through this...

I was given the layout of the gallery space (helpful) and have been mulling this over in my head for a while. Im interested in utilising the display cases as well as the walls. I hadn't anticipated this. Further I have been prompted to consider that the gallery hosts many visiting tourists, who may like to purchase some pretty (and transportable) art. So now I have some additional ideas. I'd like to do a couple of the floating walls as if Im wallpapering them, with tesselating prints, with printed iron lace motif, and embossed floral motifs. I have yet to grab the dimensions of the display cases, so Im not decided on what to put in there.

Out at the Emporium I saw this while scoffing down rice crackers (of all things, especially when there is a French bakery there) - a Bouganvillea Plant growing up and out of a stylised (dare I say lattice) pot. I fancied that this could be an inspiration of sorts.
- plant intertwined over the iron lace- to use in wall hangings
- embossing of plant over the iron lace - create prints on paper
- justaposition of manmade shapes with organic shapes
So ...


  1. Nice! I'm a big fan of the twirly wirly patterns in lace and moulded iron (I know there's a name for it, but I can't thik before 9am). Looking forward to seeing it come along!

  2. Hi! I found my way here via Chrissy's blog. I love the design that you're carving out there.

    I haven't had the guts to finish carving out the one and only lino cut I ever made. This is why you're not supposed to use scalpels though...

    And yay for another Brissie blogger! I might just have to check out your cafe recommendations :)

  3. Hi Lexy - so nice of you to visit.
    Must be time for me to pull this one out again. I wonder if a scalpel would be good for getting the lines into precise lines??? But, yeah, maybe a perculiar choice of tool otherwise.

  4. I want to see how it's going too! I bought a piece of lino the other day, no idea what to do with it now. hee. maybe something for my christmas cards... you are such my big sis inspiration xx