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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Search for good coffee in an ambient setting

Ok, so we all agree Melbourne has this won all over Brisbane. BUT in the three years of living here I have managed to eek out some worthwhile cafes ... and so the postings begin ...
The most recent little beauty is Cafe Bouquiniste, on Merthyr road in Newfarm. Check it.

It's a gorgeous from the outside, and very inviting. Inside little wooden seats, mismatched tables and lots of books and artworks strewn around make you feel welcome. I indulged on a piece of rasperry yoghurt cake with my skinny flat white. The mark of excellence was not the tropical bloom of lurid red; a fetching garnish ... it was the icing, which tasted rather like cake batter. Amazing! This pic is from Melb, my delightful camera phone deleted my shots - so I'll simply have to go back and get some pics again.

Great review here ...

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