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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The next big thing

With the wedding artworks under my belt I have had to quickly assess priorities of projects.
It seems a few things have snuck up on me.

Disorganised ... never heard of the word.

The next big thing is sending works off for the Shalom College sponsored Emergin Artist Exhibition. This seems to be a revue of whos whos in QLD's emerging arts scene. It'll be on in August in Bundaberg.
For those of you who cant make it here are the works I'm exhibiting:

Yes. A series of white pieces of paper.

Not really.
It's actually a triptych (three works presented as one) of the infamous wake woodcut. These are juxtaposed with the wake wallhanging which I previously posted an image of.

Ok, so here are some details of the works ...

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