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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Layers on layers

I'm pretty excited to show some more shots of the progression with the wedding wall hangings.

I had intended to mimic the linocut pattern through all the layers. But after a traumatic attempt, with only Pan's Labrinth to keep me company, I decided to search for different inspiration. Despite being particularly grumpy at my foiled plans, that very night I got the idea for the more organic images from a lighting scheme at a restaurant/bar in West End. I'm hoping it still looks Japanese, but by putting this with (juxtaposing) the tightly detailed lino cuts its softens the overall affect.
I've popped the pics up here because the process of making these works is pretty odd. I've failed many attempts at trying to explain this to people - so now you can see for your self. Each layer is about 1m long and 40 cm wide. They will hang down like they did on the clothes line.

Top right: Four wall hangings on the kitchen floor, there are two layers shown here (vinyl with lino cut under netting with ink)
Middle right: The application of ink to the netting
Bottom Right: Top layer of black netting with cut outs

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  1. Sal, I love these. I think they still have a Japanese accent. Wish I could buy them from you!!!!