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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to hang?

So, previously I have used perspex brackets at the top to clamp the layers together.

These also served as the hanging device, as holes were screwed into them for for nails to go through, or in some cases picture wire.

Here is a shot ...

Coincidently this work has been selected to appear in the Emerging Artist Exhibition in Bundaberg later this year. It is called 'Wake (wallhanging)' and appeared in my solo exhibition of the same name at Urban Grind, Brisbane last year.

This time I am trying a new method involving bookbinding screws, also known as chicago posts.

They will slide nicely through a hole I pierce through the layers. Because they contain the screw they will be a neat looking device. I possibly will put a strip of perspex behind the wall hanging to keep it hanging taught across the top.

I am heading out to the eco-centre (which is where the wedding will be) tomorrow to look at how to hang all this!

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