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Thursday, May 29, 2008

difficult artworks

I'm working on a series of works to complement my cousin's wedding. They will be featured in the function room used for the wedding and the reception. Her themes are pink and oragami. As she is opting for a flowerless wedding I'm hoping to introduce some floral imagery into the works.

We are both pro green art so I'm using recycled materials with new materials.

The method is a tricky one; layers of netting over a backing of white vinyl. I'm aiming for a Japanese scroll size (oragami link?) and attempting to have four wall hangings ready for July 5.

I call these wall hangings subverted prints, as I have deconstructed some printmaking techniques and used them. Each layer receives a 'print' treatment (some inked, some cut) and they combine in an optical illusionary result.

Here is a pic of a previous wall hanging. Look out for the documentation of the wedding wall pieces.

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